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Highly Advanced, Fully Equipped Onsite Lab in Sudbury

At Roy's Denture Clinic, we take great pride in our onsite lab that’s attached to our clinic. This ensures a quick response to your new denture and implant needs. Most dentures are fabricated within a week, depending on the patient’s requirements.

From same-day denture relines and repairs to creating brand-new dentures, we are Sudbury’s source for complete denture care on time. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at our convenient location.

A hand holding dentures

Services Offered

People from all over Sudbury and surrounding areas visit our lab for high-quality denture services, such as:


  • Repairs

  • Relines + rebases

  • Full and partial dentures

  • Immediate dentures

  • Removable implant over dentures

  • Adjustments

Meet the Technicians of PAR Lab
Paul Arthur Roy image

Paul Arthur Roy

Paul is a talented dental technician who has been in the business for over 25 years. He believes in ongoing learning and has attended many seminars, including implant over denture fabrication and partial denture design. 


When not working, Paul is often out for dinner with his wife, Tracy Roy and enjoys the outdoors.

Kyle Johnson image

Kyle Johnson

Kyle is a skilled dental technician who primarily works on the plaster bench. He specializes in processing dentures. Outside of work, he can be found enjoying road trips and collecting cigars.


Alexis From 

Alexis has joined the team most recently after finishing her studies in Alberta. Although her studies were out of province, work has now brought Alexis back to Ontario where she was born.  When not at work, Alexis likes to read and spend time at the barn.   

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